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"You're doing a great job with the site. I can't believe you're not a billionaire by now. I'd vote you for president if you ran. Do it."

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Here at James Quotes you get high quality words of various lengths. Oh the various types of wordage I've seen and quickly forgotten. But you must be wondering about the quality stuff offered here. Well, that's an easy question. I don't know. See, I summed it up in a few words and while you were incapable of seeing how long it took me to make up that answer, you should believe me when I say it wasn't very long at all.

Quote from the Book:

This means that readers of this book will have a significant advantage over everyone of those other n00bs. Most of you are probably thanking me right now, but Pwning hard is what I do. It requires no thanks, but cash contributions aren't unwanted, if you know what I'm saying.

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